Dystopia 1

It’s a fresh monsoon morning. The only sound outside is the rustling of leaves in the heavy wind. Things have really improved for the society. It’s particularly perfect for the girls’ mind. After all, the government had finally given a thought to their safety.

A few months ago, the world was in shambles. Eve-teasing was at its peak, and number of rapes had increased more than ever. Except nobody laid an eye on the sport girls. You know, the ones who were athletes or gymnasts, or footballers for that matter. Slum boys feared them. And the other girls envied them. Owing to their strength of smacking anyone down, they were the only safest gender in the society – Sport Girls.

So, the government, tired of all the female-abuse complaints, decided to launch a generous law. The law stated:

  • All the women, henceforth, will be wearing jerseys and track pants. [not shorts]. (This way men on the corner of the street would never think of messing up with them)
  • If a girl is seen wearing any other outfit outside the house, she will be punished as pleased by the police. (God forbid she comes in with another case, she can get in jail for false accusation)

One day, the average woman, in her new law clothes, is coming home from the market. She passes a silent street when she hears whistles and hooting. 3 men. Behind her. All drunk. They tell her she couldn’t possibly be a Sport Girl because she’s fat and old. The woman, with all her summed up courage, kicks each of them in the groin, and runs away swiftly. Thank god, if any, she thinks, that I attend the self-defense workshops. I couldn’t take more forced handling. Of course, there’s enough at home.

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