Not many months ago, I was sitting at the seaside watching the sunset. It was one of those marmalade skies, a humid weather that’d go perfectly with a country song. The winds were blowing my hair, swiftly caressing my face pleading me to shift to a new perspective. At 5 p.m. that Friday, I was full of energy but mentally exhuasted.

A little girl walked up to me, asking if I wanted to buy some balloons. That was when I realized the hawkers of town showed politeness; a virtue absent in suburban beggars. I had the freedom to say no and she strolled away. I noticed there were fewer couples than usual making love on the rocks. Was everybody out partying this weekend? My friends were humming bollywood songs… I wish I had come alone. I just wanted some peace, and so did Dhaval. He was staring into the horizon, which he later told me was only capable of being defined by our eyes.

Taking a sip of water from his bottle, I slipped besides him – which I think was a subtle reason for excusing myself from my noisy classmates. We had never spoken before, but there was comfort in the silence. “Isn’t it weird..” he finally said, “people with major differences in opinion and personality, visiting the sea shore for one sole purpose – tranquility.”

“Nah,” I said, “what’s ironical is the fact that this tranquility is so selflessly provided by the view and sound of the waves, so assertive and bold in nature that a person with any mindset is held staring in awe. An aggression so beautiful, it induces calmness.”

Water is one of the few things on earth with this property. When at age 6, my parents said I was supposed to drink 4 liters of water everyday, I asked them why. The best answer they could come up with was that because it would be good for my health. I believe water is the greatest element there will ever be. If it weren’t as easily available, we’d respect it.

Looking at that vastness and emptiness makes you think and reflect on life and mostly in a positive sense (or it depends). So, I sat there thinking for a long time about almost everything, my relationships with people, my way of looking at life and things that needs work.

I will look at life with a different lens. I would never leave or abandon my passion(s) and would certainly improve my perspective towards life. I would stop letting my past affect my present. I will find my balance and I will do things my way. To preserve the memory, I’d close my eyes and try and remember the waves hitting the rocks, vast blue sky and obviously the water.

Today, I’m not the person I was that Friday evening, but I think I need to visit the the sea again…

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