Dear Mom

Last night I was out partying till late
You know my mom doesnt like it
She hardly grants me the permission
Says she trusts me but not the world…
So i tell her i’m not in school anymore ma

And I remember what you said

About people being mean once I step into college

I used to think you’re wrong
There are butterflies here ma, but there are snakes here too
How can I tell you this is not just a jungle its a fucking zoo
I leave for college and its too much strain
When you ask me to drink some water before I catch the train
So now I’m fighting hard for a seat but I’m facing defeat
You looked so cute when you used to get up early to make my tiffin
My friends care for me too but they’re all busy sniffin’
I’m staying up to study and work hard
But my classmates wanna play the blame card
Mom you were right, you knew it all along
But you don’t know this so I put it in a song
The person you’ve been has a lot to do with the person I am now
I’m struggling to be a lovely giving person and how
I’m learning to swim I’m learning to cook
Trying to float, I’m holding the hook
I argue with you all day its pointless
There’s no time for regrets, i try to worry less
It’s been so long since I’ve felt calm and sane
Mom I need you to pamper me again
Cause now when I come home after 12 hours and give a call
You’re exhausted too and ask me child don’t you have it all?
You ask me to clean my wardrobe
Sweep the floor, wash the dishes
Mom you do not understand
Mom can’t you see

Neither do I.

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