Wrath Of Monsoon!

Anyone who says they love the rain either 1) doesn’t live where it rains much, or 2) doesn’t work/go to college yet.

It can drain your energy, frizz your hair, and if you have ever had an injury, you’ll definitely feel it on a rainy day.


After two weeks of occasional storms and thundering rains, I woke up to a relatively less humid morning, to which, I would’ve been so happy, but no, not yet. So I started getting ready for my regular 7 am class (which was no less of a torturous jail beating the shit out of students (not literally but yeah :p)) Keeping in mind that I had to carry my umbrella, I set off. In the lift. Chemistry practicals today, I thought with a sigh, let me see if i have everything I might need. Labcoat, check. Matchbox, check. Test tube holder, platinum loop, covered journal, check. Phew, atleast I won’t have to beg around for these like last time.

Being just out of school, I wasn’t much out of my comfort zone by then. As it was an integrated course, I didn’t even have to attend college lectures… but there was no escape from practicals. As it drizzled, I walked to the gate of my classes and then put my floral purple umbrella in the common basket and sat to the physics lecture where I was, as always, late for some reason.

Oh like 3 hours of complex mechanics, we were finally free… from the class. Now, towards college. When I had climbed the bus, I realized I had forgotten to take my umbrella back from that basket. Shoot! Even with public transportation, Mumbaikers don’t have the luxury of driving to their destination and spending 30 seconds walking from their car to the indoors. We tend to walk at least a few blocks, no matter where we’re going, so it’s harder to avoid getting wet. Speaking of transportation, the buses and trains get wet because people are wet. Which makes it extra gross. You go to take a seat, but your butt gets soggy because someone’s umbrella was sitting there right before you. Also, the floor is slippery, so there’s a chance you’ll skid across the floor and into someone’s soaking raincoat when the vehicle starts to move. Your ballet flats begin to smell like a dying animal.

I wondered what new flaw our chemistry teacher would find in me today to have a fun time scolding. Sometimes I get so scared of what, I can’t understand. I’m sitting in the window seat of a heavily crowded bus, dirty armpits and a few scattered leaves in the hair (which people hardly care to notice but is, like so annoying.), listening to this really sad song, and I go into depression and anxiety. But I did make it to the college and then the practical lab. I went in wearing my lab coat and drying myself with a towel. I remove my books, which were all dog-eared because of the raindrops that managed to get inside my bag while i was running my heart out from the bus stop to the gate. The devil comes in and asks us to turn to page 116 of the practical hand book… which is when I realize another loss for the day.

I had forgotten my hand book at home. It was right there, in front of me when I was getting dressed, oh god, how could I not put it in? If you have ever been in a chemistry practical, you might know that you can get the test tube holders if you ask someone for an extra. But the handbook isn’t one of those easily accessible things. That’s exactly when I start imagining her screaming and yelling. “Foolish morons. You tell them 1000 times to bring all the things and they’ll come empty handed to the pracs. Haven’t your parents taught you discipline? Degenerate idiot! Get out of my class NOW! I’ll make sure this practical won’t be repeated for you.” It strikes me I wasn’t imagining this. She was actually humiliating me.


I pleaded and begged and bowed like peasant would, to their kings. The monster wouldn’t budge. My eyes are moist by now. I walk to the bus stop as it is raining heavily. I don’t care about me getting wet or my bag and books. Suddenly, my whole existence is questioned. I begin to think I don’t deserve good. How about coupling two of my favorite things: Waiting for the bus, in the rain. If you wear glasses, it’s tough. If you are carrying a 12 kg bag, it’s tough. If you’ve just lost 20 marks because of a petite issue, it is tough. As you’re waiting to cross the streets in Mumbai, it’s very likely a car will drive through a puddle that splashes you with dirty rain water. Yuck. If you need or want an auto, you probably can’t get one. It is nearly impossible to get a cab in the city when it’s raining because everyone else gets one before you. My hair had turned into an afro… the rain will continue to suck.

I balanced on my shoe-bites for half an hour in the pouring rain trying to get an auto. There might have been tears, but they just blended in with the raindrops.

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