Complete Comfort.

A little easy, a little far.

What would you to do to hide the grease and tar?

I’m a lady who questions a lot.

When they found their better half, I wonder what they thought.

The other day, as I was sitting in the cab,

I saw a poster, as meaningless as the dab.

It said ‘Life is incomplete without love’

But the accompanying photo was a girl; with a boy above.
“Why are you still single?” they never cease to ask.

A few important points put under the mask.

“Don’t you get bored?” I ask them back.

Giving a sly look, they say, “cut me some slack.”

So here I wander

With immense joy in my own company.

Afraid how I’ll live one day

Grossly cozy and cushiony.

Jesus, find me a man

Worth going out of comfort zone

Someone who won’t mind me in my pajamas

And my stupid ugly moans.

You might think that’s not much to ask for

But boy, is there more

Someone who won’t keep talking to me

Someone who’s not a whore.

Someone who gets my body hair

Are not his to disown.

Someone who reads me poetry

And lets me write my own.

Someone that makes me laugh till oh my stomach hurts

Someone who knows how to apologize, someone who hotly flirts.

Too many little things you see on my demand list.

Yeah, I’d like to be in control of whatever catches my gist.

Even after I get that luxury, I won’t be completely satisfied.

Because I can be everything for myself and not feel terrified!

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