Singing To The Ocean.


I’m thinking of you
And that’s where I drown
I don’t want to be typical
But you’re an ocean
With its own unfathomable depth

And the rocks and stones beneath
Are calling out to me
Pelagics and planktons
They’d sing a maritime song

I’d swim and dive
Stroke and paddle
In hunt of Davy Jones’s locker
But I guess the littorals knew better

Not that I was taken away
I recall I chose to leave
It was the abyss where I belonged
I wish I knew
Unearthing that fact
Took me an epoch

But now I’m helpless
I miss the way those waves caressed my soul
Adam’s ale and it’s prodigial bliss
The more I call to you, the more you’re lost

One night like this, some place far away
Following you to the ends of the world
Left with only the words of this song
I’ve still got love for you
If you only let me offer

Envisioning horizons,
I’m a fish
Full of regret.

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