A letter to my introverted Friend.


Chère wallflower,

You might often be feeling nobody understands you. And why not, most times it is true.

A unique personality tends to lead the unsurpassable. The reason why some people are over-shy keeps differing. But one thing remains the same – connection. A connection with themselves. A connection with the universe. If you ever feel you’re wrong by not being able to express yourself freely in a crowd, know that you are not.

I say this because I’ve often heard people asking you why you are so quite and why you don’t mix up easily, and similar clichés. I think it’s really rude. Have they ever thought how bad they would feel if someone told them things like “oh you’re so noisy. Do you ever shut up?”

There are so many misconceptions related to less social people. Contrary to popular beliefs, most introverts aren’t shy. Some may have great social lives and love talking to their friends but just need some time alone later to ‘recharge’ themselves.

There’s this ultimately chilling ‘me time’ you remove for yourself that gives you so much peace. Please don’t let anybody invade it. Your time is yours to spend and savour. Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured.

Ofcourse you’ll be frequently misunderstood in the future, but I need you to handle it boldly. The world just consists of majority of extroverts. I think you’ve understood that by now.

Sometimes I look at you and realize someone someday is going to love you so much, and deep down you will feel full. That guy will be the luckiest. He’ll see right through you and fall in love with every single of your traits and habits. You’re a diamond.

I love the way you say ‘no’ when you don’t feel like saying a yes. I love the genuineness you carry. The way you value and relish in every relationship that you care about and hold dear to yourself. That’s what makes you authentic, unfeigned and downright real.

There can be times when you sense an alien loneliness. Maybe you won’t feel close to any person. In those moments, I know you will love yourself. I know you will be there for you.

And if it doesn’t feel enough, savvy that you have me. I might not have the right words to offer, but I will definitely have my shoulder and my presence to offer to you. Had it not been your kind nature to help me in the little things at school, we wouldn’t have been friends now.

Lastly, be the real you for ever. You are not meant to change for anyone or meet anyone’s expectations. Walk proud and high, lady.

One day you will learn how to give
and receive love like an open window
and it will feel like summer every day.

Lots of love,
Just another extrovert.

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