Pink Lunchbox.


The pure joy
Of eating candies
In the mesmerizing autumn
Hair put up in braids

And shabby grey uniform harnessed
That mirth in the eyes
An ambition full of spies
The winds rustling
And swings swaying
Latest music in chorus
Accompanying loud laughter
Friends galore
Leisurely strolls and sauntering
The mind wanders inside
That last bench of the classroom
Faint whiff of chalk
While petrichor on rainy days
Pages filled with hearts and names
The now forgotten wonderful games
Pink lunchbox and orange compass
Could it be better?
Nobody hated Mondays
Though despised math and history
Corridors been hearing all the gossips
Signalled discussions and tickles
Pencils and supplements
Debates and elocutions
Selfless help and genuine love
Football in the muddy earth and
Badminton and chess
Who gets jealous, when others win?
This day, that year
The results were out
And journals were completed
Day before due
Simmering down
To that winter weather
Pals by my side
And no care about either
Sharing sweaters
And what not
Oh, the things I’d do
To return to my Utopia.

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