Breaking the ‘5 minutes more’ rut.


If you say you have gotten out of bed each morning easily, ever since the day you were born, you’re lying.

Basically it’s a custom everyone follows, young or old, male or female, single or married, rich or poor.

It goes something like this:
Some person you love has this urge to say mean things to you at the most inappropriate time of the day. Like “It’s time to wake up.”
And then the number of times you repeat, “Just five more minutes” is not even funny.

There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to┬ásee it. Honestly. I never gather the valor. I don’t know if it’s just lazy of me, but some days even my coffee needs a coffee.

Now some people can have their parents listening to their ‘five minutes more’, but others, they just wake up by themselves and I don’t know how. I mean, there’s this friend of mine who gets up on her own since sixth grade and literally puts up 15 alarms at mere 3-minute gaps and even snoozes them another 57 times. Like it’s literally that hard.

And let me tell you, some people just have no clue how to wake others up. Specifically mothers. Oh, the annoyance. My mom, she has this unique way. She simply keeps saying my name repeatedly, in different tones, with voice modulation, in monosyllables and disyllables.

Most people who would relate to this are the night owls. The ones who stay up till midnight either wasting away whatever time they had gathered or working their asses off. In the mornings, there’s a huge difference between 6:00 and 6:05. You know it’s that part, that time of the day, when you ask yourself ‘what could be the worst that could happen if you don’t go to work today.’

Trust me when I woke up today, I didn’t remember what year was going on. We all have been to the point where we wake up all determined, inspired, and planning to be productive. But then the mind contradicts and we laugh and we laugh and then we go back to bed.

My day, I tell you, my day begins backwards. I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake. In the early shades of morning, when the wind is all quiet and peaceful, and your bed and blankets are just rightly arranged, I bet nobody gets the motivation to exit the paradise. And as if that’s not challenging enough, there’s a mass of people to be dealt with. Right from the minute you wake up.

Sometimes people want to have full, deep and fathomless conversations early in the morning and it’s okay to kill those people. why. why would you get on my nerve. I just opened me eyes after 420 minutes and interacting with you is the last thing on my list.

You can find a lot of girls who have this mentality that they wake up everyday for that one guy. And they go off like, “mornings are special when they start with you” or “good morning baby, let’s start this day with love and affection”. While there are the active others, who pull up 50 sit-ups, 30 crunches, and 70 squats. Alright, I am exaggerating here but that’s the level of vivacity, zeal and gusto that they hold at 5 am. I’m just always “bro wake me up when it’s time to sleep again.”

This best friend of mine is so over-enthusiastic that you can imagine every sentence that she speaks ends with an exclamatory mark. She is always excited. Even in the mornings. Like we’ve had sleepovers and the following mornings are not usual. My best friend, all too very happy to just be alive, starts her day, with ‘yays’ and ‘woohoos’ and ‘today’s gonna be fantabulous’ and she wakes up every other soul in the near vicinity of her. Oh my god, this girl really needs to dull it down a notch.

I haven’t even started about winter mornings. I don’t even need to. We all struggle with the blankets. Its just sad. The five extra minutes do count.

Have a great day! (If you managed to get up, that is) I’ll get back to my pillow lol goodnight.

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