We All Need A Break


There comes a time in our life,

Where we have nobody else but us,

To help us savin’

From the miserable drownin’.

And then we depart,

Take the wrong path

Think our life is a mistake

Pain makes us shake.

Oh, but then, there come the books

We pick up one ignoring all nasty looks

And get pleasantly lost

In the fictional characters’ frost

No needa say 🙂

They make us forget all the pain

Take away all the rain

Bring the sun

Along with the fun!

We no more ponder upon our life

Oops, the hero just lost his knife 😉

There goes away all the regret

Look, there goes away the strife.

We often need such friends

Who console us without ego

Let me tell you, there are no ends

And even, no amends.

Why is there still sadness?

Why not thou harness?

As I have said before, books are helpful

Nothing else can ever be more useful.

Read about anything

Be it fiction or non-fiction,

There’s always a different world

To jump in with intention.

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